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Guidelines to which all Members must adhere

The minimum age limit for Members is 18 years.

Members must register with a real name. Applications made with tag names alone will be declined.

Social Conduct
Thankfully we're all different and we're all passionate about our interest, so we won't always agree. As a member, you must respect others' opinions and differences. This group has been set up to have fun so any member displaying violent, abusive or harassing behaviour towards another member will be ejected from the group, and their membership to qfilm.webs.com deleted.

Attendance & Membership
Members will be sent email reminders of when meetings and films are scheduled. Attendance is not mandatory but website accounts that remain inactive for 12 months will be deleted from qfilm.webs.com. This will not preclude re-registration at a later date if the ex-member changes their mind.

Members will be required to give a score out of ten each month for the film that has been viewed. Scores may not be revised after being submitted. From all scores an average will be taken and this will be published on qfilm.webs.com.

Members are welcome to use qfilm.webs.com as a means of communicating ideas and sharing experiences throughout their membership. Member profiles must not display, or link to, content that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive. Email addresses supplied during registration will not be given out by Q-FILM to another member for the purposes of direct contact. Q-FILM will from time to time send email notifications to members reminding them of meetings. Members can opt out of receiving these emails by using the Contact form to make this request.

Any of the above guidelines can be overuled and/or changed if the majority of members registered at qfilm.webs.com cast a vote in favour.

Have some!